Friday, February 09, 2007

Loving the work more than Jesus

There is a one-man drama being done right now, in which a theologian goes into the next life. He is asked by Jesus, did your work bring others closer to me? Did you enjoy it?  Did you love it more than you loved me?
Of course the theologian, an honest and loving (and beloved) man, must admit he did. He did love the work on behalf of Jesus, sometimes, more than Jesus himself. A tragedy. A blasphemy.  So he asks Jesus for forgiveness.  And Jesus replies: you have my word on it.
We have Jesus' word on it: once we have chosen -- made the singular, eternal, and active decision to claim him as Lord -- in baptism, he has chosen us for eternity.  He has a claim on us, and embraces us in a loving hold that will never slip, never let go.  If we step away, if we fall or fail, Jesus never lets go. So that in this life, and the next, God continues to urge us toward him.  Our choice is eternal, because God will never ever stop believing in us and urging us closer. 
The kingdom of God is at hand. Take the hand.

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