Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fill in the blanks

As we prepare to move out of town, out of state, and away from friends, my hardest challenge is discovering my next identity.  Now I'm disciple-pastor-wife-mother-friend-student-leader. But when I'm no longer the visionary leader of this congregation (which may have already happened without my noticing), "I" will be more like disciple-_______-wife-mother-friend-student-__________.  

I know what I'm being led to do in my next incarnation, so I have been trying descriptors on. Writer. Researcher. Fulltime student. Spiritual coach. Gardener. They all fit like a stiff new suit that needs tailoring, and a couple of them (writer, coach) are way too big.

I did take a step toward filling in the blanks: I registered a number of domain names, and wrote a note to the guy who bought my old one asking to buy it back.

Here's what I'm trying on; all are .org or .net: inthedust, dustoftherabbi, speedofthespirit, xncoach, xncoaching. And, simply elaneorourke.

That last one may be the only filled-in blank I have for awhile.

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Anonymous said...

Apostle? Someone asked how soon you'd be looking for a church there (way out there. Where it says 'here be dragons'. In the odd corners of the map). I said I wasn't certain that would be one of your next moves. We decided we could picture you as a retreat leader/director. Or quite a few other things, as you point out in your multi-faceted description.
Gotta admit, when you follow the Rabbi, you do go interesting places, even if they aren't where you thought you were headed (and even if your friends whine about your departure).