Monday, July 12, 2010

Revising expectations, or Wasn't This Supposed To Be Relaxing?

When I set my crazy Shabbatical reading schedule I had no clue I'd be adding in the Renovare Institute reading as well. August should be okay, but being a fulltime mom this month is making that level of reading and notetaking more trouble than I want right now.  So I'm taking out the books that were wonderful tangents and keeping just the Sabbath-focused books.  Here's the new schedule, with Renovare books listed after Shabbatical books. 
7/11/2010--Catch-up and travel
Divine Conspiracy, ch 6-7

7/18/2010--Mudhouse Sabbath, Lauren Winner
Divine Conspiracy, ch 8-10

7/25/2010--Catch-up and projects

8/1/2010--Catch-up and projects
Testament of Devotion, ch 1-2

8/8/2010--The Sabbath World: Glimpses of a Different Order of Time, Judith Shulevitz
Testament of Devotion, ch 3-5

8/15/2010--Catch-up and projects
The Great Omission, ch 1-11

8/22/2010--Catch-up and projects
The Great Omission, ch 12-20

8/29/2010--Living the Sabbath, Norman Wirzba and Wendell Berry-- 

9/5/2010--Catch-up and projects
Gospel of the Kingdom 

9/12/2010--Start work on new preaching series: Christianity for Grownups
Gospel of the Kingdom

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