Thursday, July 08, 2010

Divine Conspiracy, Chapters 2-4, sort of

I've written up my notes on chapter 2 here, and am working on 3-4. Chapter 2 is the argument set against the 2 main streams of western modern Xn theology. I'm pretty familiar with it, so didn't take a lot of notes, but the gist is there for you.

But I haven't started my notes on 3 and 4, and here's why.

  • Last night Wonderful Husband gets home about 10 pm to find me sitting with DC open in my lap, reading light on, book darts on the table, 2 pens in one hand, cup in the other, teary-eyed. We exchange pleasantries; he gestures toward my soggy voice. I wave DC at him, whereupon he responds, "ah", and goes upstairs to get settled.
  • This morning at 5:15 I was at Peet's with DC and darts, highlighting and notetaking furiously, sometimes laughing out loud, sometimes staring into the ether.
I am constantly awed at the depth and smarts of this book, and continually astonished at how Dallas Willard captures firefly inklings in words.  You know those moments of insight and clarity that shine and slip away (or go poof)? He articulates them, each page so dense with these little lights that my highlight winds up more like daylight than flashlight.

So in my constant care and concern for you, I have resisted simply copying chs. 3-4 and posting them. Notes will come. Soon.

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