Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I got up this morning full of good intentions for writing something both pithy and profound about the nature of faithful living. But on my desk are scattered agency specs and requirements, two glossy photos of my husband and me, and a colorful flyer on cardstock with our names bannered across the top.

Finally, our "Dear Birthmother" letter and our photos are being printed. The web designer is getting his specs and budget. The 800 number is working. And very soon, we will be praying even more frequently and fervently about the baby we hope God is finding for us. By next week or so, my husband and I and our adoption agency will be actively looking for a mother who wants us to be her child's adoptive parents. We will be actively waiting to become parents.

I never thought I'd have an 800 number. I never thought I'd be waiting to be a mother. Amazing what God leads you to that you'd never thought you'd do, and want to do.

So nothing pithy and profound. Just life in faith.


revabi said...

praying for you as you go through the adoption process. We have adopted 3 kids from China.

Dori said...

Congratulations on your plan to adopt! It will happen, I am confident. We adopted a 13 month old a few years ago (she's five now). It's been a fantastic journey. Best wishes!

Elane said...

Thanks for the good wishes, both of you. We continue to live our already full lives and wait to see what God has in store!