Sunday, May 08, 2011

Leaving church

The snowball is growing, and I'm leaving. Today I officially announced my resignation, with Wonderful Husband and Delightful Daughter at my side. Our leadership had called every active member, so it wasn't a surprise for anyone, but it was still weird.

My last preaching weekend is at the end of October. I have no idea yet what will happen Nov. 1st. I just know I won't be going into the office.

More on this later; just reflecting on the strangeness of it all.


Petunia Rae said...

Wait...what? I keep thinking that I will come to your church one day (when I am not working Sundays, when I need a connection there, when my kids are older...) I love to think that you are there doing your thing and I could stop in anytime. I like to listen to the podcasts.

can we keep in touch? Lisa Vickery

Jo Mary Keith said...

I am still not used to your leaving our church. However, I want the best for you, Bran and Elisabeth so I will have to get over it. I guess God has something else planned for us and for you.

As for HTML tags, I don't comprehend any of that.

Jo Mary Keith