Thursday, December 02, 2010


No longer can I avoid it. The time has come to write.

I keep a journal, sometimes, sort of. I write a weekly sermon. Far too occasionally I blog here. I used to write newsletter articles but don't anymore, at least not often. Email less and less. No missives to church leadership in years.  I do write texts (up to 300 per month, to avoid overages). Facebook too often.

I am, simply, out of the habit.  Changing one's life emerges from changing one's habits, and I am interested in my life continuing to change, through my efforts and God's grace.

Last time I saw DW, he advised me to write daily.  I don't think he meant Facebook.

Between now and January 15, I have two reflective papers to write, my Sabbath routine, and my Rule of Life. None of this should be hard, except that writing requires reflecting. And, of course, actually writing.

I am not good at barfing on the page (see "lack of journaling" above) even though I strongly advise it to writing students and the blocked. It's not evident from the product, but I am composing these sentences as I go. The idea of sitting down and writing these papers - and a Rule and a Routine! -- is enough to make me give away my computer, almost. 

This may be the issue: the things I have to write are not head-things (unpacking scripture, academic research). They are "reaching toward my bowels, pulling up reality, and committing to it publicly" things. (see also "why I avoid therapy").

Perhaps both reality and habit can be developed, with God's direction and help.

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