Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What and why be a disciple?

From The Divine Conspiracy, chapter 8

It is now generally acknowledged that one can be a professing Christian and a church member in good standing without being a disciple. There is, apparently, no real connection between being a Christian and being a disciple of Jesus. And this is bound to be rather confusing to a person who would like to be a disciple. For what exactly would one do who didn’t intend to go into “full-time Christian service” (or, as we call it in the liberal church, “the ministry” or “ordained ministry”) but still wanted to be a disciple? (291)

What is the state of soul that would bring us to choose [the condition of being a disciple]? What would be the thinking, the convictions about reality, that would lead someone to choose discipleship to him? (291)  One would feel great admiration and love, would really believe that Jesus is the most magnificent person who has ever lived. One would be quite sure that to belong to him, to be taken into what he is doing throughout this world so that what he is doing becomes your life, is the greatest opportunity one will ever have. (292)

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