Thursday, June 10, 2010

Transitional thoughts 5 am

Today I become a Christian for 3 months.  Not a pastor, but a Christian; not a leader, but a follower. What, besides sermons and budgets, is the difference? Some initial transition thoughts:
  • If they play a music video in a worship service I attend, I won't cringe at its being way too soft. (Nickelback last Sunday. Excellent video. But seriously, AV guys: it's rock!)
  • If the officiant knocks over the communion juice, I won't be sticky.
  • I won't know the opening crew at Peets.
  • No longer can I tell myself "I'm too busy." Especially when someone is in need. Including me.
  • Random screeching by strangers probably won't be directed at me, and my phone number won't be in circulation among certain segments of the mentally ill population.
  • No teenagers.
  • No office away from home.
  • Public identity gone.
  • When people ask me what I do on all the other days, they'll understand my answer.
More will present itself. But for now I just have to submit my reimbursables and empty out my office for the new guy. Who may very well turn out to be Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

BTW: lack of teenagers is a sad and bad thing, not a benefit.