Monday, March 01, 2010

Looking ahead to Taize

Wonderful husband is due back tomorrow night after 9 days out of town. Though I'm fighting a cold (doesn't it sound like "I" have some actual control over this?) I am looking ahead to the 18th when I do my own traveling.


Some go to Mecca, others to Lourdes, still others crawl on their knees all the way to Puebla. I'm not one of them, but am indulging a repeating whim to go to Taize.

For those who don't know anything about Taize, I refer you to this excellent blog post by a youth minister on his group's stay: Youthblog

Perhaps the unique aspect to Taize is not its form of worship so much (though that's what impresses and gets copied to varying levels of success) or its intentional ecumenism (rare for a monastery) but the fact that the vast majority of attendees for a week of silence, prayer, and work are under age 30.

This is the legacy of the martyred Fr. Roger: he envisioned youth finding Christ, en masse, for real, and taking the gospel message of service and love out into the world.

I cannot wait.

(Though I do hope it warms above 27F soon...)

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