Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fourth learnings

The problem with greed is that the "too much" is never as good as the "enough", and lures us into believing that this is because it is not enough.

I can construct reasons for shame in the most benign of circumstances.

"At the end of the everlasting "why" there is a "yes" and a "Yes" and a "YES!" (poorly paraphrased from "A Room With a View")

My deepest, most authentic desire turns out to be what I thought it was: to be flooded constantly by the fire that burns but does not burn up, by the God who wants to know me even more than I want to know Them, by the unselfconsciousness that allows for the miracle of the intimate "I am the Lord's servant. May it be with me according to your will," and for the ongoing miracle itself. Yes, that's one desire.

Every day one must reopen the floodgates and keep the hinges oiled.

And the strangest learning today? Even me.

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