Monday, August 31, 2009

First learnings

Now I understand why people have spiritual directors and what they are supposed to do.

To do one thing at a time I have to intend to do one thing at a time. If I'm going to spend time listening to God's longings inside me, the annual-planning-books-and-readings have to go back in the box, back in the car.

My deepest authentic desire is also God's desire for me. God's desires and wills express themselves through my silently singing core.

Sleep is not a shameful act, or a sign of unbearable weakness.

What counts as "overwork" changes. What is "overwork" now might not have been 10 years or even a year ago. That's not about aging per se, but about circumstance and location.

That deep longing of my heart may be exactly what the church needs too.

"My" needs may be God's "needs" in me.

I like coastal weather: viva fog!

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