Monday, March 23, 2009

So long, Tim

Does anyone want to chip in on a goodbye gift for Timothy Geithner? Yes, I know he's still at Treasury, but after his refusal to support the TARP bonus tax, I suspect his days are numbered. If we buy the gift now, we can avoid the rush.

Look, Geithner has been cornered since his confirmation hearings. He's got no staff, and has inherited a truly stupid bailout plan. Not just unpopular, not just unregulated. Stupid. (Feel free to quote me on that.) He's working on some good stuff, including small business loans and the joint lending program. But his constant defense of propping up the banks with taxpayer money, and the pervasive "too big to fail; too valuable to tax" attitude inside the Beltway may mean his days are numbered. Obama is not looking good in the reflected light; he might do well to give Geithner his own payout and wish him well.

I'm thinking that "The Saturated Society: Governing Risk & Lifestyles in Consumer Culture" due to be released next month, could be exactly the thing, and timed just right too!

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Anonymous said...

He's still here. Whaddya think -- is he safe?