Friday, June 20, 2008

The heavens are open

You know how sometimes in the Gospels the heavens open and the glory of God is revealed? After two weeks with Dallas Willard and Keith Matthews, and 20 fellow vineyard-workers, I know what that means. At this moment (and I pray it lasts) I can see the scope and arc of Scripture, the majesty of the kingdom, the interrelation of the law and the logos in Christ, the real meaning of evangelism, and the point and practice of following Jesus.


Now how do I live, teach, and share this?

What an incredible blessing -- I am humbled by the Glory and the Presence.

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paul maurice martin said...

Maybe start by letting the dust settle and see if you've been moved to articulate your revelation. Sometimes things can feel like a revelation and really be significant experiences but not quite as revealing for the world or even ourselves as they feel immediately after the event.

I think it takes time to know.