Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ice cream outreach

Tonight members of our church family are taking an ice cream social to a men's shelter near us. We've been doing Christmas projects for them for years, and a couple of years ago added human contact to the outreach (imagine!). This is our first mid-year, no-reason-at-all event.

I'm praying people attend, both our people and the men. We sometimes forget how important contact and small talk are, particularly when you are or feel isolated from the world around you. Whether we're talking about elders, those who are physically or mentally ill, foster kids, homeless folks, or just people going through a rough time, Jesus works through our face-to-face love. And when our kids go, it's such a blessing. So many of the men have children they never see -- they are delighted by the little ones trying to strike up conversation, or asking impertinent and innocent questions.

May Jesus be in our midst, gently reaching out through us and our hot fudge.

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