Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Woof, woof

I haven't written in a while because a) I'm obsessed with dogs, and b) a couple of conflicts have kept my few other synapses firing.

The conflicts were inevitable: when a community moves from being "we'll accept anything you do as long as no one ever has to address it" to "following Jesus means taking responsibility for your actions and we will hold you accountable", there are bound to be conflicts. We have also moved from "pastors are saints who must never err (but eventually fall from grace in a big way)" to "pastors and leaders are all models for Christian living, including modeling confession and reconciliation". It's a recipe for eventual pissiness. And, I pray, eventual health, grace, and faithfulness.

But the other thing is really what's been keeping me from blogging. I am ready for a dog. After our very beloved boxer, Mo, died two years ago, I just couldn't think about it. Plus, my longterm friend Kenya the black torty cat died a couple of months later, in my lap. Then, since we're trying to adopt a human baby, I thought that getting a new dog at the same time we were getting a new baby was a recipe for exhaustion, if not disaster. But the baby isn't hurrying, so I'm getting a dog.

Now the big decisions have been 1) boxer or french bulldog; 2) rescue or puppy; 3) how much we are willing to pay at the outset. Of course, that's gotten us into summer -- when no one can ship flat-faced dogs. But I'll tell you what: we will have a dog by mid-August. The baby is in God's hands.


Mrs. M said...

I have dog envy, you'll have to tell us how the situation works out.

Didee said...

Hi there,
Lots of good info on Frenchies at
many Boxer owners also have French Bulldogs.
Also, please visit the http://www.frenchbulldogvillage.com
I am owned by four frog dogs. I just love them.
My first Frenchie was a rescue, at that time I didn't even do French Bulldog rescue. I took one look at her and I was totally smitten.
She proved to be one of those life altering events:o)-
Didee Wise
Foster/Rescue Coodinator
Florida State Contact/Foster Ma

Anonymous said...

Hi Didee -- I've been to your website multiple times in the frenchie hunt. I am very afraid that both frenchies and boxers will wind up here over time, and my wonderful husband will finally draw the line!

Mrs. M -- see the next post (and keep us in prayer, please.)