Sunday, June 17, 2007

Transition and conflict

I truly honestly deeply believe that a church in transition (Good transition! Spirit-led transition!) will experience conflict, even if all the people have been well trained to "be nice".

I also truly honestly deeply believe that a church transitioning from
once-a-week-maybe-and-then-you're-done, to

faith lived out 24/7 in your real life and high expectations for leaders to actually be spiritual leaders and think about what they are modeling to newer people and kids

will experience conflict, as the low bar habits of neglectful membership (and forget about discipleship!) crash into the high expectations of actual community and purpose.

And I believe this is normal and part of the journey.

Can't say I'm loving it, though.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's about commitment and strength. Sounds like you have a lot of it.

Mrs. M said...

I suspect that people trained to "be nice" may very well exacerbate the tension, as they often haven't been trained to speak openly.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. M -- That's some of it, no doubt. I also think it's the demolition of true community -- of the deep understanding that we are truly dependent on one another.

It's one of the reasons the current generation gives me hope: the constant texting and IMing suggests to me a people who want to be in close contact, who want to be in relationship. I just pray they find mentors to teach them what that means.