Thursday, May 24, 2007

Africa emerging

Last night I dreamed about Rwanda. It wasn't a dream about Rwanda; it was a dream about passing a car wreck on 280 north just above Saratoga Ave. But as we were passing the multi-car wreck, someone whispered "Rwanda". Like a ghostly movie narrator.

Africa isn't a regular dream topic for me. I'm more of a water girl. A few weeks ago my husband and I did discuss a trip to Rwanda to visit the gorillas, but I haven't thought about it since then.

This morning, I received the new Emergent/C in my inbox, and there was Brian McLaren writing about his trip to Africa. Evocative.

I don't like to think I can make a connection between a dreamed car wreck, a whispered name, and a blog posting. But I do like to think the the Holy Spirit can.

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