Wednesday, April 18, 2007

(A)washed in the blood

As grieving for the 33 Va. Tech dead continued (I hope we are grieving for all 33), over 170 people were killed in bombings in Baghdad. A witness described one of the bomb sites -- a food market -- as "a swimming pool of blood".

We are awash in the blood of our brothers and sisters. And we have always been.

Predictably, psychobabble water wings work to keep some afloat. Others rest on geopolitical innertubes or instantly inflatable punditry.

Others of us stand stock still, unable to swim, unable to move for all the wasted life and spent hope.

We, who only days ago celebrated new life, who sing of being "washed in the blood of the Lamb", we who follow Jesus must keep moving.
We must join our voices with other of God's children in songs of lament and pain.
We must continue to walk with God, be we Christian or Jewish or Muslim or some other variety of Godfearers.
We must keep our hearts open to hearing the word of hope, the promise of restoration and resurrection, in this life. It won't be a pithy word, that whispered hope from God, or an explanation ripped from the DSM-IV or the Pentagon's playbook. And it probably won't be a blueprinted plan that explains once and for all why we kill each other so easily. That word of hope may simply be the echo of God's broken heart and eternal faithfulness, calling us to mourn, and do better.

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