Thursday, March 10, 2005

worshipping together

On Monday, a group met with Kevin Callahan, an architect and liturgical designer from Scottsdale, whom I met at the Emergent/National Pastors' conventions. The task group working on our sanctuary had earlier met with a traditional (mid-century) architect, but for this we invited everyone who wanted to learn more about sanctuary (re)design. Seven or eight came, including some who had not attended earlier gatherings.

The next day, I asked people what they had thought. And light from the grace of God streamed in on the answers.

What I learned from what they thought is how much people hunger to worship together -- to feel connected to each other during worship -- and thirst to drink in the living water of God's presence. In professional ministry, we tend to talk about liturgy vs. free prayer, mid-80s praise music vs. circle drumming, and so forth. But when people are drawn by an outsider to feel about their desires for worship, and their understanding of their worship space as part of their life as a church, their longing for the Holy in community is palpable.

Both Holy and human. A lot like Jesus, Christ. Go figure.

New light streaming through the stained glass urges us to intimacy and awe.

Hallelujah. May our longing sustain our courage to change.

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