Sunday, June 26, 2011

Through the vestibule into the first circle

Today my church approved a budget without me in it.  Waiting for Virgil to arrive to provide some guidance.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A cilice for the conscience

A 23-inch cilice.
See also the crazy monk in DaVinci Code.
Bad blogger! Bad!

That's done. I wear the cilice today because I have once again come face to face with my own lack of discipline.Over the last year, I have been required to write a number of plans for daily living: a rule of life for the Renovare Institute, a mentoring plan for my DMin program, an exercise plan for my middle-aged body.  I've also been advised by DW, my second greatest advisor (next to Wonderful Husband), to write daily.  While there is overlap in each of these written promises, none is being accomplished full- or half-heartedly.  One of them even suggests I blog regularly; hence the public self-recrimination.

Bad blogger!  Okay, not quite done.

Now I've volunteered to take on a daily task of preparing devotionals. Don't know if I'll be accepted for the task, but if I do, I'll  need your prayers. And perhaps your cat o'nine tails.